About Us

The Sunrise Industries, Inc. Agricultural Cooperative Business Initiative (ACBI) is a broad scope business agenda and proposal to potential Agricultural Production Companies (APC’s). We are an independent closed corporation with 20 plus years of agricultural business acumen capable of growing, harvesting and producing large acres year-round hemp and cannabis crops for pharmaceutical, edibles and other health care natural ingredient products.

Sunrise Industries is a company built on a solid foundation of innovation and culture. We have recruited the best-in-service with regards to our military serviceman and other critical talent that makes up our organization. From its creation, we recruit qualified personnel for various administrative and operational positions within the company to leverage on their expertise to build our corporate brand.   Our business acumen is a newly formed commodities digital exchange corporation located in Puerto Rico. Our products and services are laser focused on empowering the individual farmer and agriculture co-ops to join use in the establishment of a highly competitive Agricultural Service Platform (ASP) that is unique to the Caribbean and emerging farm production in the United States. We support All aspects of farming to include outdoor, traditional, hydroponics, green-houses, and innovative crop technologies.