Hemp Oil

A tasty source of essential fatty acids, Hemp Seed Oil features omega-3 and omega-6 oils, with a light nutty flavor that makes it the perfect complement to foods such as salads, steamed vegetables, and baked potatoes.


Hemp Oil

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What is Hemp Seed Oil? This oil is obtained by cold pressing the seeds found in the fruit of the Cannabis sativa plant. The annual Hemp plant with its erect stems can grow up to 10 feet with , and is very slightly branched with greyish-green hairs. The numerous smooth leaves (5 to 7 leaflets) are housed on thin long petioles with margins that are sharply serrated. These leaves are dark green on the upper surface, but lighter and downy on the under surface. The Hemp plant is complemented with small flowers with pale yellowish segments. The small, smooth, light brownish-grey in color Hemp fruit is completely filled with seeds, which are processed to provide all the Hemp Seed Oil benefits that everyone is crazy for!

  • PAIN MANAGEMENT: Our premium broad-spectrum hemp oil extract provides top pain curbing benefits that you can feel sooner
  • NATURAL SLEEP AID: Toss addictive sleep meds out your drawer for good, and get better sleep from the first night
  • NATURAL CALMING PROPERTIES: Our fast acting hemp oil temporarily enhances your comfort level while managing stress & anxiety
  • 1000mg per bottle, 100% safe & natural, Get a full 30 day supply with just 1 bottle
  • PURITY TESTED: This premium formula is purity tested and free of GMOs, preservatives, and the most common allergens: dairy, soy, and gluten