What We Grow

We have invested heavily in Puerto Rico farming and currently have in our farm operations over 150 acres located at Arecibo, Puerto Rico. Our initial crop growth is approximately 40 plus acres and has been in full production since 2018 under the management of Sunrise Industries, Inc.

They provide all aspects of day-to-day farm management activities to included but not limited, crop planting, soil & water testing, local labor pool, harvesting, packaging, and shipping. Our current crop growth consists of assorted tomatoes and local vegetables.

Initial capital investment to date has been in the acquisition of farmland, cloud applications, import and export licensing and our future build patented Agriculture Production Hub (APH) facility located in Puerto Rico. Our current crop yield capability is 4 to 5 growth per year with a 40 acre build out plan by 2021 with the capacity to expand to additional 110 acres.